· Have a child 4- 16 years and want your child to cultivate their personal and social skills through specially designed activities for his age in the safe context of the peer group;

The Movement "PROTASIS" since 1993 operates the Creative Centre (MDC). The AKP operating objective is to provide opportunities for children and adolescents, through alternative proposals to use their free time to the substantial benefit of their entertainment, their personal development, their creative expression. The experiential these workshops last two hours and include processes such as thematic cooperation, acceptance of differences, emotions etc. using as tools various art forms (dance, theater, painting, etc. structures). The groups are divided by age and workshops are structured to meet the needs of each group.

When teams start?

At the beginning of the school year the operator shall, in the media, on its website and facebook page to commencement of enrollment and the AKP groups operating program.

How to register?

Parents communicate with the telephone or electronic carrier to set a meeting with animator groups and fill in their details on the request for inclusion of children in groups.

I have to pay;

The Movement "PROTASIS" is not intended to have an economic benefit from the groups of children. You pay a very small amount of materials used and the operating expenses.

Can I bring my child to see if he likes and then do the recording?

Certainly, but in consultation with the facilitator of the teams.

Here's what we did in 2015 - 2016 with the workshops children 4-7 years (3.6)

Here's what we did in 2016-16 with the 'PLOUTOS' and children 8-16 years. (6.1)

· Are you a parent that does not rest on but looking for ways to learn more so you can better manage the upbringing of your child?

The Movement "PROTASIS" has a long history in supporting the role of parents, qualitative communication and relationship of family members. The organization provides parents of children who come to the PIC training sessions and individual meetings consultative always compared to their parental role. Through intercourse with other parents in seminars and groups PROPOSAL achieved sharing Games, rallying to common problems and solutions for taking initiatives. Meanwhile, the Movement "PROTASIS" provides the opportunity for parents and children to join the TANK.

Specifically, the Network TANK consists of private volunteers provide free medical (examinations), law (advice) and educational services (remedial teaching) in children and families facing problems socially and economically.

If you care for parents seminars or individual meetings or advisory for the Grid TANK spoke on animator groups and these will give you all the necessary information.

· Are you a teacher with a vision for your role, your students, your school; You see your students as individuals, as personalities and want to give them the best you can through healthy relationships and boundaries;

The "PROTASIS" Movement operates a group of teachers of all educational levels where members share problems and ways to address them. Issues such as boundaries, the self-esteem of the teacher and the anger management in the classroom are just some of the topics discussed in the group. Parallel processing modules on the current problems facing teachers and small programs implemented practically in the classroom. The group provides the security its members to express themselves, to strengthen and find ways that the time in the classroom of their school time to be satisfied.

How can I participate in the training group?

If a teacher cares ve participates in group a) may attend the youth group members (this is when you step leading to 3.9) Movement "PROTASIS" and then to join the group,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">b) or if he has attended and participated in educational seminar Prevention Centre "Kallipolis" make State request directly to the Movement "MOTION" tel. 2610451790 or mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     ">c) If a teacher wants to work with the group may apply to the above phone or contact us by e-mail group: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

· Are you a student and want to do your internship in a body active in the prevention of dependencies space and quality of life through collective and social activities? You want your first contact with the working environment is one that will be the future benchmark healthy working environment?

The Movement 'PROTASIS' in the long course has repeatedly offered an educational context internship Patras University students of TEI Patras but also students from other countries through exchange programs (EVS, AIESEC etc.). This is a standard practice by the institution to enhance the proliferative methodology of prevention. Through the practice of the student will understand the philosophy of other lifestyle proposed by the entity under conditions that respect and substantial support of the role of internship in the development of the student.

How do I make my internship in the institution?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. με τα στοιχεία του (αντικείμενο σπουδών, γιατί επέλεξε την Κίνηση «ΠΡΟΤΑΣΗ» για την πρακτική του άσκηση κτλ.">The student who is interested in doing his internship at the institution will need to send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. its data (object of study, he chose the Movement 'MOTION' for his internship etc. ) and its demand. The request will be passed by the Scientific Committee and the student will receive the answer as soon as to whether there is scope internship the specific period for the object of study.

· Are you a resident of St. Sophia area, St. Alexiou and want to collaborate with people and organizations to build together the neighborhood we all want? Do you feel that you have ideas and willingness to participate in making your neighborhood beautiful, safe and functional and you do not know how;

The group of volunteers of the Movement "MOTION" with DIODOSSS name (Networking, Organization, Group Action for Cooperation, collusion, Meeting) (Do you tread on DIODOSSS you and sends it to 3.3), just working on this issue " wE, the Neighbours, rebuilt our modern neighborhood, because .... our concerns "and refers to the building of a neighborhood that provides its residents a quality of life with respect for diversity and civilized coexistence. The Group implements in recent years trying to create social ties between people of the neighborhood stakeholders and the wider district reaching out to neighbors and fellow citizens, sensitive links in the social chain.

The group is aimed at schools, parents 'associations, teachers' associations, language schools, church, cultural associations, sports clubs, entertainment venues, professionals etc. and individuals who are active citizens or know the history and the experiences of the neighborhood and strive to maintain the "noiaximatos" and "collegiality".

Purpose of acquaintance that is cooperation, mutual support and strengthen the social fabric and promote the Movement PROTASIS prevention project.

If you are interested and want to participate in shaping of your neighborhood quality of life you can communicate with the Movement 'MOTION' phone or mail to be informed about the realization of seminars new members. After you have completed your new members seminar you can choose the project team DIODOSSS

Click here to learn more about the group of new members (3.9)

· Are you an active citizen and want to participate in shaping your quality of life? You do not want to remain a spectator of a reality that does not satisfy but want to utilize your personal and your social skills, your ideas, your momentum in the public interest?

Volunteering is the basis for the promotion of prevention and quality of life. This model has been tested over the years of the Movement "PROTASIS" and has produced the following benefits:

ü The collective efforts of citizens on local problems finds expression within the project teams operating in "PROTASIS" according to their interests, abilities and skills of the members.

ü The operation of "PROTASIS" groups and the relationships that develop within them help members in their personal development and promote in practice the other way of life. Members through their own personal experience manage to inform and sensitize other people and the community in the prevention of dependencies.

ü The actions, events, interventions through the organized form of "PROTASIS" teams bring significant benefits to the community eg Creative Center for young STEKI that provides for communication, entertainment and cultural activities, information and education of parents in their role, etc.

ü The concept of active citizenship developed within the bosom of "PROTASIS" and gives way to people who are concerned and worried about the quality of our lives.

ü The deep and broad penetration of "PROTASIS" through networking with key players in Greece and abroad enables members to acquire more knowledge, information, experience, making each member informed and responsible member of the community

How can I volunteer to become the "PROTASIS"?

The Movement "MOTION" every time out new members seminars for people to learn about the philosophy of primary prevention and volunteerism, project groups, vector, and philosophy, and then choose the group they want to join.

To participate in the seminars new members communicate by telephone or electronically by the operator.

The duration of the seminar is approximately 20 hours and once implemented weekly afternoon (2½ hours at a time) is usually from late November to mid February about.

Number of members: up to 25 people

Implementation place: Creative Center (Sarantaporou 20).

Trainers: The course is coordinated by experienced coordinators and members of the Board of "PROTASIS" and instructors are also experienced the PROTASIS prevention officers" (Doctors, Social Workers, Teachers).

For more information on the new members of the team click here

Meet the project teams by clicking here (3)


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