OF THE PROJECT ‘PLOUTOS’ (Pedagogic Learning through the Operation and Urging of Teams for Overcoming Social exclusion) which was realized by Movement ‘PROTASI’ and was funded partly by the EEA Grants (Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein) from October 2014 until April 2016 in the frame of the project “WE ARE ALL CITIZENS” which was coordinated in Greece by the BODOSAKI FOUNTATION.


The project “PLOUTOS” aiming at the prevention of contemporary threats (insecurity,isolation,passivity,violence,addictions,racism,poverty) which undermine the future of young people, especially after the socioeconomic crisis in Greece, focused on the development of an exemplary Pedagogic Project for Creative Occupation of kids 8-16 years in a safe and supportive frame. In the beginning “PLOUTOS” started with the training of 20 young unemployed social workers, psychologists, teachers, for 107 hours and in the end of the seminar two of them were hired to work in the project as youth workers in the suitable decorated building, owned by PROTASI.

The project has contributed effectively to the primary prevention (healthy population) but also to the secondary prevention (vulnerable population) since there is not any other Youth Center existing in Patras , furthermore offering free of charge services. The project has provided in a substantial way, psycho-social support and social inclusion for kids with special disorders (autism, learning difficulties, ADHD).Daily, both populations co-exist in the youth groups and workshops with a mutual benefit. In parallel the project has supported the family environment of kids through training and consultation procedures in individual and group work level. At the same time it facilitates the vulnerable kids and their families by sending them to professionals (doctors, lawyers, teachers, pharmacists) who offer for free their services through a TANK,   which was created by PROTASI in the frame of the project. Finally with the support and cooperation of the volunteers of PROTASI, the project   realizes a number of cultural events with and for the kids.

The project has surpassed its ambitions.1185 kids, parents, teachers have accessed the Centre and used the various available services (345 kids have participated to the groups and workshops of the project, 206 kids, parents, teachers have accepted consultation and training support in individual and group sessions, 614 kids and parents have been informed and sent to the TANK, 20 unemployed young professionals have been trained). 3426 persons have been informed in a systematic, live way about the services of the project, 1420 educators, mentors, youth workers, have participated to presentations and workshops concerning the project, in GREECE (IOANNINA,OLYMPIA) and EUROPE (FINLAND,LITHUANIA,GERMANY, ROMANIA), 230 offer volunteer support to the project (TANK, volunteers of PROTASI).

The project “PLOUTOS” offered a very good chance to our Organization , through its partial funding, to realize its vision based on the community needs, keeping at the same time its autonomy, philosophy, principles and values. The perspectives which opened up with this project, give a great push to movement “PROTASI” to continue with more experience and knowledge what already is being doing for many years.



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