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The more you know
The more you play
The more mobilized
The more they will travel
The richness of life
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Know…..participate ….implement…
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the world was made for us to be with others...
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Multiple program objectives

Prevention of dependencies
environmental protection
school peace
personal development

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Movement “PROTASI” for another lifestyle

C.C.O – Center of Creative Occupation of Movement “PROTASI”

20 Sarantaporou Str. 26223 PATRAS

Tel/Fax: 2610 451790

e-mail: [email protected]

 http: \\

Facebook: Κίνηση «ΠΡΟΤΑΣΗ» για έναν άλλο τρόπο ζωής






“PROTASI – Movement for another lifestyle” is a non governmental organization occupying volunteers in the prevention of Addictive Substances and behaviours (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, internet, gambling etc.) suggesting a quality  life in the City of Patras and the area. “PROTASI” exists since 1988  and implements a lot of projects attended to children, parents, teachers, citizens, etc.

More specifically:

Work groups:

All the members of “PROTASI” (around 120 persons) belong to specific groups of volunteers depending on the interests of volunteers and the priorities defined by the needs of the local community which are adopted by “PROTASI”. Some of the groups are: the group of TEACHERS, the group for the COMMUNICATION AND SUPPORT of “PROTASI” with the local community, the group of YOUTH WORKERS, the group of the cultural activities “STEKI”, the group for the NETWORKING OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

In these groups of volunteers apart from organizing activities and projects, the members are trained in their self – development to act as multipliers in the community.

Center of Creative Occupation (C.C.O.)

The C.C.O. offers the possibility to children among 4 and 16 years old to participate either to youth – groups or workshops and obtain basic skills (personal, social, self-management skills) through an interactive way (games, theater, Puppet Theater, drawing, handicrafts, etc.) concerning all kind of problems (addictive behaviors, bullying, racism, abuse, accidents, obesity, etc.). Every year we accept more than 120 children of all ages.

The new project  PRO-NOIA(2016-2017) concerns children 4 -16 years old and is in progress partly funded by a donation of “NIARCHOS Foundation”.

Cultural Activities “STEKI”

It is a meeting place for every active citizen who is interested in participating to different kind of cultural activities like: films, concerts, book presentations, cultural workshops, parties,   etc. The “STEKI” was activated in 2007 first for the members of “PROTASI” and their friends but after the first year, it opened its doors to the local community.

Training Seminars

Every year a number of training seminars, courses and meetings are organized by “PROTASI” for the information and awareness of parents, teachers and professionals (in health services) in the field of prevention of addictive substances and behaviors as well as in similar topics, as the development of basic skills etc.

“PROTASI” holds every year a long term seminar for the preparation of new volunteers to enter the groups of “PROTASI”.







Transnational projects

“PROTASI” is a partner in many European projects dealing with Life Long Learning, Active Citizenship, Productive Learning, Youth work, Prevention of drug and alcohol addiction and abuse.

A big number of young people have organized and have participated in Youth Congresses and youth exchanges among European countries. The aim of these exchanges is to activate young people to gain knowledge, experiences in topics like art, cultures, prevention, environment, peaceful coexistence and solidarity. 

  • "PROTASI” has implemented transnational projects on topics such as:
  1. Prevention of school violence (Daphne)
  2. Training students in basic skills (ASK)
  3. Training teachers in Productive Learning (EUROPLE)
  4. Training volunteers in the prevention of addictive substances and behaviors (MOQUAVO)
  5. Prevention of Alcohol and safe nightlife for young people (CLUB HEALTH)
  6. Training of trainers and interventions in lifelong learning (PRO-SKILLS 1 and 2)
  7. Pedagogical groups of children 8-16 years old and support of family environment ("PLOUTOS" - Pedagogical Learning trough the Operation and Urging of Teams for Overcoming Social exclusion (EEA grants - Bodossaki Foundation - We are all citizens).
  8. Introduction of Productive Learning to the Vocational Education ("PROVED" ERASMUS +)


Movement “PROTASI” is a member in the:

  1. Panhellenic Network of Prevention Centers (“PROTASI” founded in 1993). “PROTASI” has organized three Panhellenic Meetings in 1993, 1995 and in 2013 together with the Prevention Centre of Achaia "Kallipolis"
  2. INEPS (International Network of Productive Schools) (“PROTASI” held the position of the President of INEPS from 2002 until 2013 and the Vice President from 2013 until today). “PROTASI” has organized two international congresses of INEPS in Patras (2002 and 2011) and two international congresses for young people (1999 and 2004)


At the same time,  “PROTASI” co-ordinates and participates in local networks A) for the  prevention of alcohol abuse for teenagers, B) the prevention of noise pollution, C) the  social networking in the "Neighborhood". “PROTASI” has created the TANK (network of volunteers, professionals mainly doctors) which offers free of charge services to kids and their parents.


“PROTASI” is self – sustained and relies upon the fees of its members, donations, the income gathered from activities organized by the volunteers (concerts, exhibitions, fund raising campaigns). Almost all the work is being done by highly committed volunteers.


“PROTASI” is sheltered at the privately owned two storey building which is located at 20 Sarantaporou Str. (near the center of Patras). After a hard struggle, the volunteers of PROTASI managed to buy this building through fund raising, a loan from the bank and a subsidy from the ministry of Athletics. 



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