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It is the group formed by our fellow citizens who experience mood participation in Movement "MOTION" and interested in becoming volunteers.

To do this, follow the New Members seminar, which takes place every year in autumn, the "MOTION" and is open to adults residing in Patras or wider at Pref. Achaias.

The course duration is 20 hours and is carried out at the Centre of Creative vector.

About the group.

One of the main objectives of the seminar is to introduce the new members experientially the function of a project team.

It begins with the formation of the team, contract and determines the mode of using the principles and framework governing all groups of "PROTASIS".

Then, through theoretical training and experiential processes in contact with the philosophy and the Movement project "MOTION", acquiring new knowledge or deepening an already existing, such as dependence Causes, Prevention and Prevention philosophy of "PROTASIS" Movement volunteering and Active Citizenship, Design Project, options and Changes.

Through the interaction of team members share knowledge and skills interact, communicate and feel accepted in a climate of mutual respect and appreciation. From meeting to meeting understand that the group is reduced to a basic development tool, individual and collective.

The cycle ends with the evaluation of the seminar and the final decision of the members for involvement as volunteers in one of the main groups in the Movement "PROTASIS", refreshing and invigorating, while the Carrier groups.

We invite now. Those who want to be active within

PROPOSAL from the groups, you can register now participate in the seminar new members to be held in autumn.

You can learn more by executives of motion making appointments on the phone 2610-451790.

Why prevention is found when all matter and more citizens.



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