Our statute




Article 1st

Founded non-profit organization under the name "PROPOSAL - Movement for another lifestyle" (and in the English language "PROTASI - Movementforanotherlifestyle") based in the city of Patras, who will be subject to the provisions of LD 1111-1172.


Article 2nd


Today's lifestyle is driven by an unbridled consumerism of material goods and indifferent to human needs (biological, mental, emotional). Because of the crisis has caused deep human relationships and social institutions and people have been led to emotional deprivation, isolation in passivity and intense competition.

It is the cause of major societal problems, which are hardly understood and treated by the members of society.

            This social reality disappoints people, intensify stress, leading to "distress" and favors the development of addictive behaviors, which often occur with extreme symptoms such as drug addiction and habits.

The club members work on understanding this reality. Process proposals and suggest concrete solutions to overturn this social perception and practice. Projecting a lifestyle, where the focus is on the man and his actual needs.

The presence of members of the association will be in itself a proposal

which promotes health (as defined by the WHO), will improve the quality of relationships and will remove the dangers of any form of dependency.


Article 3rd


1. The development of programs that investigate the social needs. Information and training of teachers and other social groups, the development and implementation of educational programs for pupils, students, etc. for primary prevention of addictive behaviors and health promotion.

2. The processing of proposals in each direction in order to improve the quality of life.

3. The creation of conditions that promote physical and mental health through this attitude and action, as defined in Article

4. Cooperation with authorities and citizens in any convenient way, to promote and strengthen the values ​​and institutions aimed at improving the quality of life. Highlighting values ​​such as peace, love, mutual respect, create, rate, collectivity, solidarity, honesty and concern for people.

5. The promotion of another way of life and development of each activity, where man will be an active citizen that grows and evolves with honest and fair relationships in the family and in society.

Article 4th


1. Public awareness, particularly among young people, at school, at work and in the family in order to prevent the avoidance of "substances", "habits" and addressing "modern" social problems harmful to health.

2. The development of specific programs, through the group operation and away from advice and aphorisms will promote the "other lifestyle" change attitudes and behavior, and will aim to: a) strengthen the personality, to improve knowledge and communication between individuals and b) preventing any form of dependency by substances (legal or illegal) and habits etc. (Eg, gambling, violence, fanaticism).

       The philosophy of social programs with pedagogical direction, where the individual, especially young people trained to take care of their health, mental and physical.

3. The mobilization of users to join in treatment programs and support their family.

4. Creating Information Centre and Therapeutic Community in the region.

5. The collaboration with club players, who are honorary members, but also with institutions in any sector to agree on common action. For this reason it may participate in companies or other legal form unions, associations or entities that promote objectives inherent in the objectives of this association. This will include working with the State, Ministries Competent Services and Therapeutic Communities both in Greece and abroad.

6. The association may lease or buy buildings where developed activities related to prevention, health promotion or other forms of assistance particularly in youth (eg Creative Center, etc.). May create industrial units

non-profit aimed at creative work and new employment.

    Assertion and implementation of programs of the European Union agencies, Government Agencies and other bodies must have as their theme the purposes of the association. These programs developed for education, prevention and treatment, and any other related occupations, which aim to implement the objectives of the association.
The creation of the necessary infrastructure to undertake the implementation by the club's educational, environmental and general social programs (eg in the form of Vocational Training (KEK recommendation or entity other non-profit).


Article 5th


            The association consists of regular, honorary members and associate members.

            Regular members all adult citizens who wish to participate in the various programs regardless of political or religious beliefs may be. Prerequisite is the participation in any appropriate manner in a program or prevention process. The above after attending training course can apply for entry to the Board .. After three months and have been active in the club work, the Board decides to become members.

            The application refers to the acceptance of the statutes and the club authorities. Excluded become members (honorary - regularly) sentenced or persecuted for dealing or trafficking of drugs and addictive substances, sterithentes their political rights or persecuted for punishable offense (excluding former users, who have completed recognized by the state Medical Programs) .

Honorary members can become the Municipality of Patras, the Scientific Associations and general agencies, as legally represented at a time, and if they accept the statute in its entirety and agree to cooperate in prevention, treatment and health promotion.

Honorary members can not be both regularly. They may be made regularly when the statement eliminate the status of honorary member. The chairmen of the bodies, which are or will be honorary members, may become members when they lose their status of their delivery chair on request without their compliance required for full members three active action.

            Associate members are those members who in any way support the activities of the association without participating in specific programs. Associate members may be citizens who economically strengthen the club with a monthly or annual subscription. Similarly Assisting members may be individuals or companies that are the club sponsors.

            Honorary regular members and associate members may attend the General Assembly. Right speech are honorary and regular members, associate members not having received the opinion of the General Assembly Right to vote, elect and be elected are the regular members only. Each member pays when registering the amount of the registration and annual fee. These amounts are established each time by the General. Assembly.

            All members are required to work for the promotion of the Association's objectives and avoid any activity which is contrary to these purposes, and to pay their subscription.

       Each member, as his activity, behavior or morals

It is against the purpose of the Association or prevent the implementation of decisions of the organs of the Association administration, subjected to the following disciplinary sanctions depending on the seriousness of the act:

a) written reprimand, b) temporary elimination of up to three months, c) temporary elimination of three (3) months to one chrocho and d) permanent expulsion.

            Penalties first and second imposed by the Board decisions upon written reasoned proposal of a member of the Association, countersigned by at least two other members. The decision shall be by simple majority the Board, which meets in plenary session within ten (10) days of its submission. During the discussion of the motion will attend the complainant and the under class member at the written invitation of the Board five (5) days prior to this meeting. The under class member is entitled to support themselves by any means. The decision is notified within ten (10) days of receiving the decision. The member expelled by decision of the Board may refer to the General Assembly (Special or regular) within fifteen (15) days of notification of the decision, by sending a request to the Board, which is obliged to convene the General Assembly within fifteen (15) days of submission of the application. Sanctions c and d imposed by the General Assembly, which convenes the Board within fifteen (15) days of the filing of this complaint.

          The penalties imposed on a reasoned proposal of any member, by decision of the General Assembly and a majority of ¾ of those present.

          The complaint must be notified in writing by the Board under the category member of ten (10) days before the General Meeting. Under the category member must apologize to the General Assembly. It can produce any evidence to support his innocence. If you deliver this information to the Board He is entitled to receive a receipt. It is possible to recall the sentence, made with the same procedure. The decision must be reasoned, ie. Should be mentioned Article of Association and the offense.


Article 6th

            The club members offer their voluntary services to achieve the club's goals and preserve the non-partisan activity.

            strictly prohibits its members to use their bid for any personal, social, political party or political gain.

            In such cases the association may resort to justice.

            In these cases the Board He has the right to have remitted member with simultaneous publication of the relevant decision.


Article 7th


Bodies of the Association are:

a) The General Assembly

b) The Board and

c) The Audit Committee.

            The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Association and decide any issue that is not assigned by law or these statutes to other organs. Decide on any matter properly comes under the jurisdiction of another body, which would have been brought before following a decision of the absolute majority of the members of that body, and so bear this responsibility.

The General Assembly has control and supervision in other organs of the Association. Exclusive competence of the General Meeting:

a. Declare the report of the outgoing Board,

b. To elect the members of the Election Committee,

c. To decide on the adoption of the budget and the balance sheet and determine the discharge or not the Board of any liability under the Audit Committee's report,

d. To decide on any amendment of the statutes,

e. To decide on the dissolution of the Association,

f. To evaluate the work of the Association and to plan its activities.

            With the start of the General Assembly elected President, Secretary and Vice President. Board member may be elected President or Vice President of the General Assembly

            Decisions are taken by a show of cheiros.Se case the result of dispute carried count. For personal matters become secret ballot only if such request and take a decision by the General Assembly.

            Decisions are taken by absolute majority of those present except where expressly specified another majority. Decision or resolution concept against any censure is branded a majority of ¾ of the members (ref. Article 5).

            In order for the General Assembly be effective and all members have the possibility of equal participation in the critical evaluation of the work of the Association, and the planning, the operation of working groups established before the GA So every September and are unable to attend at the latest by the end of the month November will organize a workshop or seminar preparation GA during each crisis the Board At the end of the work groups will enter the GM, involving members worked in groups and all the other members of the Association, that qualifies. The results of the working groups will constitute part of the review and recommendation program. The Board sends invitations - programs to members within the period of this association, which will determine the place, start time and duration of the work up to the time of convening the General. Assembly.

            Electoral General. Assembly is the month in September every second year and are unable to attend at the latest by the end of the month November.

The electoral GA .: a) approve the report of the outgoing Board of Directors, b) decide on the approval of the budget and balance sheet, c) considers the discharge or not the Board from any liability under the Audit Commission report, d) to elect the members of the Election Committee, e) defines the polling day for the Board election and decide on any matter relating to the elections is not regulated by the statute and the law.


            The General Meetings are convened by the Board, who announces at least 15 days before carrying out the invitation that will bring signatures of the President and the General. Secretary. The invitation should specify definitely the place, the time and clearly matters. If the Board inactive, the convening of the General Assembly It is the procedure for convening an extraordinary General. Assembly.

            Simultaneously with the notice of the General Assembly announced the number of members and a list of those who have not fulfilled their obligations. Non-cash neatly shall not participate in the General Meeting, unless arranged tameiakos until the start of the General Assembly

            The General Meeting has a quorum with the presence of 1/2 of cash arranged members. In case of non-quorum carried new GM after one week in the same place and at the same time regardless of the number of those present. The Board shall immediately publish a new notice in the daily local newspapers.

            Extraordinary General Meetings are convened on important issues of the Association, by decision of the Board or by written request of 1/7 of the cash arranged members of the Association or the Audit Committee. If the Board disagreement the extraordinary General Assembly It may be convened by three directors The Board It is required in seven (7) days of the submission of the request to convene the Extraordinary General Meeting Although in the latter case the Board is inactive the Extraordinary General Meeting may be called to judgment by 1/7 of cash arranged members or the Auditing Commission or (3) three members of the Board. The call or request for extraordinary General Assembly must necessarily state the issues on the agenda, place and time of convening and bears the signatures of sygkalounton.

            The Extraordinary General Meeting issued four (4) days before the date and place of the procedures of the Annual General meeting. At the extraordinary General Meeting open to all members of the Association who have settled cash until it starts.

            In the specific case of resignation or lack Directors each member of the association has the right to apply to the court of first instance with a request to appoint interim administration, which will be obliged to conduct elections to the governing bodies within two (2) months from the publication Decision and then to manage the urgent affairs of the club. It is immaterial whether the member is no cash tidy.

            If the Board is going to resign as a body, shall be obliged to convene an extraordinary General Meeting and to bring in this issue of his resignation. If the Board resign without following this procedure, the EGM will be convened in the above manner.

            The statutory General Assembly may be ordinary or ektakti.Toso amending provisions of the Statute, and the dissolution of the Association requires the presence of at least half of the cash arranged members of the Association and decision of 3/4 of those present.


Article 8th

                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS

            A. The Association is managed by the Board of Directors, elected by the relevant articles. The number of Board members be fixed at seven (7). The mandate of the Board is two years.

            THE neoeklegomeno Board of Directors following the election meets mandatory chaired the one that got the most votes and elect by secret ballot from among the members of the President, the First and Second Vice-President, the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer and the Inspector of Public Relations. In case of a tie of two or more, a new election.

            He who got the most votes in elections calls at the same meeting and the outgoing Board to deliver the new Bureau keys, stamps, file and property of the Association with acceptance protocol, signed by the two bureaux.

       The electoral material is kept in the offices of the Association in a special place the responsibility of the Board Secretary and the Bureau of the Association for one (1) year. Court case against the validity of the elections subversive submitted within a period of ten (10) days of publication of the results.

       The Board meets regularly once a month. Convened by the President, may be convened from 3 members with notification at least 24 hours before and with reference space, time and matter.

       B. For meeting requires the presence of 1/2 of members, rounded fraction upwards. If there is no quorum immediately, the meeting resumed with the same quorum of two (2) days.

            The Board extraordinary meetings whenever convened by the President or 1/3 of its members. Any Board member may suggest topics for discussion forty-eight (48) hours before the meeting. Meetings of the Board They are open. These have the right to attend any member of the club, without voting rights.

            Closed meetings exceptionally unanimous reasoned decision of the Board

            They have a say group members, and each member. If bystanders disrupt the meeting, the President may, after a decision by the absolute majority of the present members of the Board n'apovallei them annoying.

            Decisions are taken by absolute majority of the Board members and by open ballot, except for personal matters, for which he wanted to request a secret ballot by the 1/3 of the present members of the Board Decisions are taken by absolute majority reviewed only by a majority of 2/3 of Board members Decisions are taken by consensus of the Board members reviewed in plenary session of the Board and a majority of 2/3 of Board members

            Board Member who is unjustifiably absent from three (3) consecutive meetings or five (5) staple such, is considered to have resigned. Board Member may submit resignation to the Board If the Board member's retirement, is substituted by the first deputy of the single transferable vote. If exhaustion alternate the position of the Board It remains vacant to conduct new elections. The Board still works with the other members, if these quorum otherwise announced General Meeting for election of a new Board

            The Board dismissed before the expiration of his term of office by the General Meeting (Ordinary and Extraordinary), taken by a majority of ¾ of the members present, after impeachment wording. convocation procedure is laid down by statute for the Extraordinary Assemblies.

            Board Member It can be dismantled only after DECISION of the General Assembly and by a majority of ¾ of those present for misconduct. The proposal involves the demolition can make branded and written in 1/10 of the Association's members.

            The removal of the office makes the Board


Article 9th


The President directs the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings of the Board represents the Association in each Principle and generally care for the fulfillment of the Association's purposes and the coordination of action. Sign any document related to the Association, correspondence etc.

The First Vice President replaces the President when hindered by some reason or absent in all of the tasks and cooperate with him in the performance of the Association's decisions.

The Second Vice sequentially replaces the previous and exercise their duties in their absence.


Article 10th


The Secretary informed the Board members on the items on the agenda, keep minutes of meetings, which shall be signed by the present Board members, subscribes to the various documents together with the President, he is responsible the Association books other than the Fund, holds the seal of the Association and co-sign any document with the President.

The Deputy Secretary replaces the Secretary General when hindered by some reason or absent.

The Treasurer is responsible for the Association Fund and checked by the Audit Commission for the good management of the Association property.

The Superintendent of Public Relations ensures the efficient organization of events and general care of the public relations of the Association.


Article 11th


            In elections descend candidates for the Board of Directors, the members. In single ballot paper with the names of candidates printed in alphabetical order. Voting rights are full members of the Association.

            Each member may vote for up to five (5) candidates for the Board and up to two (2) for the EU

            They are elected in order pleiopsifisantes. In case of a tie in the last crosses they share their 24 months of Board office depending on the number of members tied and the start made on the position they have on the ballot unless unanimously agreed otherwise.


Article 12


            A. The Audit Committee consists of three (3) members and two (2) alternates. Elected to the General Assembly for two years with the task of carrying cash management and Board monitoring and reporting on the Annual General Meeting of September or Extraordinary General Meeting, if it deems it necessary or if requested by the General Assembly.

The Audit Committee members may not run for the Board or the Supervisory Board.

            B. The Elections for Board election and Audit Committee conducted with care 3-member Election Committee, elected by the Annual General Meeting in the month of September every two (2) years, chaired by elected by members of the president. also elected three (3) alternates.

       The members of the Election Commission may not run for the Board nor its Audit Committee. The Election Commission shall provide for the issuance of sufficient ballots on the suitability of the ballot box and everything related to the elections.

            The Election Commission of two (2) full days before the holding of the elections, officially announced the list of candidates who have submitted application form up to the day before. Eligible to apply cash neatly members of the Association. The vote is secret.

       On the day of the vote, and from it before the Election Commission shall check whether the ballot box is empty, the seal and then the Chairman opened the vote. The day of the elections is determined by the General Assembly. Voting lasts beyond the time limit established by the General Assembly and indicated in the invitation, up to vote are present.

            The candidates or their writings appointed representatives may attend and monitor the vote. After the end of voting the Election Commission performs the sorting of votes and

announces the results. The sorting is done publicly and in the presence of those who want to follow the proceedings.

            Objections submitted written throughout the vote. The Election Committee shall meet immediately and announce the decision.

            Counting crosses of preference all the candidates in the order of their success. All unsuccessful nominated alternates assuming you have at least five (5) crosses and more.


Section 13


            The Board decide to set up committees, groups or any other organizational patterns judge, always depending on the needs of the Association, on a proposal and a member or members of the proposal which will be on the agenda.

The same can be decided and the General Assembly, special or regular, on a proposal and member contribution. The Board oversees the work groups, committees, etc., in order to harmonize with the decisions of the General Assembly and shall be liable to the General Assembly As part of the live Directors Association - Groups that have relative autonomy, the Board convene regularly in plenary sessions of the year groups not to exceed three (3) months. The groups bound so their for their business initiatives conform: a) the philosophy and objectives of the Association and b) with the Movement needs based on the overall position and progress of the Association of the given time period, determined by the General Assembly

            The Board proposed by the coordinators of the groups and committees, taking into account the views of the team members.

If a group does not accept the coordinator must propose another, that will be accepted by the group. In case of disagreement, the General Assembly convened whose decision is binding.

                   The aim of the groups is the project development, which will promote the

purposes of the Association, through collective process conditions, communication, improving relationships and as membership facility to participate and express their views, thus helping to promote the project.


Article 14

            The groups, committees etc. They have as their object the prevention, health promotion and treatment, and activities that facilitate the above purposes or others related to the creative, entertainment, cultural development, environmental intervention, labor employment and generally improve quality of life.

Article 15

            The Board It has the possibility of recruiting people for work time with pay, which is necessary for the development and operation of the Association. These people (staff members), which should preferably be members of "THE PROPOSAL" constitute a group. The staff team proposed team coordinator, who must be acceptable to the Board In case of disagreement the Board defines coordinator. The project and its operation is decided by the Board and supervised by a member or members of the Board, appointed by it. The staff is a prerequisite to participate in the "PROPOSAL groups."

            This group meets regularly monitor supports, makes recommendations to the Board and the General Assembly, implement the decisions of the Board secretarial and support the Association.

            Not compatible property Salaried member of the Association and Board member The contribution is advisory to the President and Board

            The Board, if it deems necessary, propose to the General Assembly an interior of the Society of procedure, which will define in detail the organizational structure and operation of the Association.


Article 16th


            The resources of the Association are: a) the regular and special contributions, registration fees, proceeds from his assets, b) the registration fees and the proceeds of their assets, c) grants from ministries and various Government Agencies and in general operators as and from the European Union programs, and d) any kind of donations and generally any legal resource.

Prohibited donations under conditions contrary to the principles of the Association.

State that delays the fulfillment of financial obligations to the Association for a year deleted by the Board of Directors. To regain the Association membership requires a new registration.


Article 17th

            The Association has a stamp with the words: "PROPOSAL - MOVEMENT FOR A DIFFERENT WAY OF LIFE" and similar figurative representation. The Association is a member federation or other Union if it decides the General. Assembly.

       In case of dissolution of the Association the assets will accrue to the Municipality of Patras, who is obliged to sell it to the same purpose.


Article 18

            This association was originally drafted by the founders and approved by decision no. 395 / 21.06.1991 decision of the First Instance of Patras, not registered in the books of Associations of the above Court serial number 1703/1991.

            Already as amended by the General Assembly on February 22, 1995, now reconstructed and coded again consisting of 18 articles, and will take effect after approval by the Multi Patras Court and its registration in the Member Associations book.



Patra 24/11/1995

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