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7-member Administration Council

Activity Areas:

• Management of "PROTASI"

• Center of Creative Occupation (C.C.O.)

• Magazine "PROSOPO" and e-PROSOPO

Text Box: Group for Social Networking - DI.O.D.O.S.S.S.
1. Informative meetings in schools
2. Interventions to the community and especially the neighborhood
Text Box: YOUTH WORKERS  Group
1. Workshops and groups for kids
2. Participation in exchanges and Youth conferences
3. Information and awareness projects for parents















Text Box: Teachers Group
1. Awareness - sensitization
2. Implementation of projects for schools
3. Interventions to the community
Text Box: Financial Support and communication Group 
1. Awareness - sensitization of institutions and   individuals
2. Interventions to the community
3. Organization of events for the financial support of "PROTASI"
Text Box: New Members Seminar 
Information and training for admission to PROTASI’S volunteer Groups.

Group "Connection"
Members wishing a looser relation with “PROTASI” participate occasionally in certain activities

Text Box: Local and Transnational Projects
1. Project "PLOUTOS" (Pedagogical Learning trough the Operation and Urging of Teams for Overcoming Social exclusion) (completed)
2. Project "PROVED" (Productive Learning in Vocational Education)(completed)
3. Project “PRO-NOIA” (Youth groups for kids 4-16 years old)

















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